Love A Girl That Can Wear A Corset

Something about a girl / woman that can wear a corset and have garters and stockings just drives me insane or you could say incredibly horny !!! the artistic beauty is appreciated
restless977 restless977
36-40, M
1 Response Sep 8, 2012

Definitely a truly old time feminine look. I loved wearing my mom's in my child hood and teen years! During high school I loved those dress up dance dates when I got to peel my then girlfriend out of hers after an evening of true rapture feeling all that boning under her silky taffeta and/or satin dress or gown while we were dancing (and making out at the same time)! Sadly today's youth have no idea just how much fun that was in the mid 1950's with girls wearing those super beautiful full skirts with yards and yards of petticoats under them. Even those long line gartered bras and girdles they wore both to hold in their waists and hold up their silky nylons (those yucky pantyhose hadn't been invented at this time, thank goodness) were a joy to behold, feel on a feminine body and, in my case, sometimes wear myself!!