Finally Got To Wear It

I bought some new lingerie a couple of months ago and I finally got to wear some of it on friday. Hubby was feeling good and we were in bed Friday morning kissing and doing a little heavy petting lol. He asked about what I had bought and if I could show him. I jumped out of bed and went into the bathroom to change into a purple lacy babydoll with matching g-string. I could tell immediately after coming back into the bedroom that he liked what he saw ;)
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Always nice to set the stage.....

I love it too but have no need for it right now. so...I enjoy bras and panties.

I wish I had more opportunities to wear it.

Yes and its too expensive to buy and throw in the drawer.

Yet I continue to do that...hoping he'll regain interest.

Its part mental and part visual ! the anticipation of our sexy lady getting primped up for us, is intoxicating ! then once we are turned on , our mind speaks the truth . we compliment you and tell you that you are sex hot and yummy ! the dance continues, mutual pleasure in love making ! i like purple lacy teddies too ! wink !

Yeah, we men are so visually oriented. I loved it when my wife would 'dress for sex.' I was listening to this morning radio talk show once. Two guys and a girl. Anyway, she had decided to surprise her hubby with a sexy outfit for Valentine's day. She explained that she was standing in the bathroom, looking at herself in the mirror feeling foolish and terrified that hubby would laugh. But she screwed up her courage and walked out into the bedroom and was totally amazed by the results. She said hubby sprang to attention and almost attacked her with lust. They had their best sex in years.

My Wife wears a gown (from long to short) or a teddy to bed each evening - every night is a special occasion.

I'm sure he did and I bet he enjoyed what followed even more.

well played !!!

Not sure why you waited, but from the sounds of it your hubby enjoyed waiting.

I can certainly understand why. Much happiness to you both!!

Sometimes I wish we could play cagey and coy like women do on occasion. Unfortunately our anatomy often gives us away! lol.