Why Not

I love spending money on exclusive Lingerie.
I live in London so I am able to visit many exclusive Lingerie Shops.
I think more Women that have plenty money should buy beautiful lingerie as it is lovely to wear and makes girls feel better even although it is undergarments.
Spend on Lingerie it is worth it.
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yes it is

Very hard to argue against this 😀

I envy you. My wife seldom appreciated what I bought for her. For the past 8 years a married lady and I enjoy unhurried trists in houses that she is about to list for sale.

For these magic moments, she keeps my things too. As often as not, we enjoy a prolonged 69. We initiate these with my going down on her while she is seated. Over a vintage 1980's slip, she is wearing a layered sheer chiffon peignoir and a black (or white) satin garter belt, holding up a pair of vintage Hanes seamless stockings, with nude heel and toe. The opening to her cathedral is framed enticingly as the layers of her peignoir drape artistically across her thighs. She runs her hands thru my hair . . . as I go down . . .

At home and when out on errands, I generally wear two vintage slips that glide sensuously across each other.

Lingerie is like gift wrapping for men. It enhances a woman's curves and shows enough to excite while hiding enough for modesty.

Obviously I'd agree..! But I think girls feel sexier

will you ever post your pic

I see a major disconnect in how most men respond to your post. WOMEN get to decide if they wish to wear such finery AND if they wish to share the fact they do with men. Men have an obligation to behave appropriately towards their mates so as to make the atmosphere conducive to these Women extending them this intimate invitation to the dance. It is not a right of men or an obligation of Women to them - it is an earned privilege.

I agree with you.

show me them silky drawers

Got to agree

Let me gift u :-)

I wonder if men really understand why Women use and enjoy lingerie and sleepwear? Near as my experience suggests it provides control of the lady for her purposes of seduction. Most men are powerless in the face of such a display!

I agree with you.

As well you should. the thing about beautiful lingerie, is not only is it beautiful to behold, it can give you feelings of power, sensuality and just plain feeling pretty.

I love the stuff on women!!!!

Can only agree, my only problem is getting the right items in the right size without it looking like 'Granny pants' as once you pass a size 16 you are not supposed to be sexy. But that's an entirely different debate.

Wish my wife shared your view. Would buy all she would be willing to wear, but she's too self conscious...

Self conscious as apposed to what alternative? My Wife HATED it when we were first married and I undressed her to make love, THAT made her self conscious. Sleepwear, particularly tasteful, conservative sleepwear makes a Woman feel pretty and it offers respect and comfort particularly when better textiles such as silk are used in fabrication. Pretty lace, embroidery, fine silks make a Woman feel loved and valued. Now no one said such garments can not be accessible for marital relations nor that they need be removed to do so. High quality lingerie is similarly valued by Women but like sleepwear you must take HER perspective into account and we are talking styles that are also respectful and to her like what is purchased. Lingerie is best purchased together either in a shop or on line because there is no point buying things that she will not wear. My Wife started out wearing cotton panties which were horrible, now she wears exquisite lingerie and sleepwear and she dresses appropriately for bed each night. I purchase ALL her lingerie and sleepwear and I take her tastes totally into account and the result is she wears what I purchase for her. She has quite an extensive wardrobe.

I understand her perspective being critical -- I've told her to pick whatever she likes (I haven't picked anything). She just doesn't like the look/feel of much. She prefers a night shirt/something comfortable only.

Then try a silk gown of the same length. Silk is massively more comfortable than is cotton. Also there are VS cotton nightdresses that are well finished and pretty. Feminine touches are very important.

Maybe I should have been more clear -- when I say a night shirt, it's very close to an actual shirt (just with light weight material) and typically no bottoms.
When we were younger, she would often sleep with no top (just like I would sleep naked), but kids have a way of changing that.
so now it's all about something practical.

There are pretty night shirts from silk - my Wife has several of them and yes with no bottoms that is pretty practical and accessible. My Wife insists on panties - so we settled on French Knickers / tap panties - which are very sexually accessible and she has panties that unfasten at the ride that are delightful and also very accessible.

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I would love to see you model it.

I know many women who order their bras from England because they are sexier and actually FIT. May cost a little more, but they all say it's worth it. From what I have witnessed, they tell the truth!!! ;-)

I agree, I love lingerie on my woman.

and not just women, i am one of many men that loves to ware womans Lingerie

A wise choice as there is a far bigger range of styles, fabrics and colours.

I could not agree more....

I totally aggree with u hun, totally!!!

This is beautiful, and you look great, where did you buy it? I need this to arrange a surprise for my bf...

Lingerie enhances the ladies self image and accentuates her body and adds excitement for both partners when it is revealed, slowly ! mmmm

You are my kind of girl, Sally.

Also remember that Lingerie encompasses more than undergarments - it also includes sleepwear. Personally I prefer sleepwear that heats things up and does not need to come off when things are up to the correct temperature.

Nothing better than an expensive bra and matching thongs to make feel like I am worth 1000 $. That's the one item my husband doesn't mind me spending money on. I always buy a lot of it when I go to France. I love French lingerie.

Dear - as you know I purchase these things for my Wife - and I get the benefit by this behaviour.

Sexy lingerie is the most wonderful wrapping, its beautiful on, and then beautiful as I slowly remove it... :)

I like well made silky lingerie.

I wish there were lingerie shops around my area, unfortunately there is not. Lingerie feels so good against my skin I can't imagine not being able to wear any.