How Do I Know

I have only one basic nighty and am thinking about getting more, how do I know what kind (corset, teddy, baby doll,...) looks good? Is it all about how I see myself or is there something else to consider when I shop?

Take into consideration my husband will not care what I wear. I have only wore the one nighty for our honeymoon and nothing since. So anything will shock him.
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So how bout an update? what have you tried?

ok, so you don't want to shock him... try walking around the house in just your panties and a short t-shirt w/ no bra. see how he reacts. it doesn't have to be expensive and frilly, it has to be inviting. pay attention to what gets his attention. does he like the topless look? the bottomless look? depending on whether he is a breast man or *** man, accent that part of your body. personally i love to see a woman in a close fitting top with no bra, nipples poking thru and a pair of loose fitting panties, boxer style sort of. and of course once you know more about the look he favors, you can start enhancing the wardrobe. get a VS catalog and look at it with him, pay attention to what look he likes. of course, i'd be glad to stop by sometime and help you find the perfect outfit. lololol.

I say you go out and find what you like and what you feel good in and feel sexy in. When you feel good it will radiate out of you and will show for sure.

Many men enjoy the look of a woman in stockings and a sexy boustier. Red and black are always a crowd pleaser. It is how you feel about yourself, your sexuality that will bring out the desired result. Dressing in sexy lingerie will help your feel sexy and desired....go for it and enjoy every minute if it....

The better you feel about the way you look, the sexier you will feel. I suggest trying a few different styles and find one that fits you and your style.

Yes, but how do you look sexy without looking "slutty?" Not that there is anything wrong with that, I am just trying to not go that far on the first try. Does that make sense?

Surely you know what looks "slutty" and what doesn't.... Just look at yourself in the mirror...

I would think a little of both..what you think looks best on you and are comfortable with, with some thought to what tickles his to speak...;)