Lingerie Shopping And Hit The Jackpot.

Went shopping yesterday first I stopped at Cato and found 10 pair of various undies and thongs, a new see thru blouse, and 2 pairs of high heels all for $32.00 . Then I went one block over to the Goodwill store and again hit the jackpot found camies, nighties ,night gowns and another see thru blouse again all for $27.00 it filled a large bag!!! Im in my glory can't wait to try it all. Very exciting!!!! Will add pictures soon. Have fun.
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I so remember those days. Thrift stores around me have dried up and some don't even have lingerie anymore.
I've had some wonderful days where I hit the jackpot and would find several things at every store I went to. I loved to take my finds and lay them out on the seat and draped over the back of the seat next to me so I could look at them on my way to the next thrift store. I was also so proud of what I bought I would leave them on the seat so people walking past my car could see them too.
Of course that led to being caught once too by my brother-in-law who also came shopping at the same thrift store and walked by my car to see if it was mine. He got a surprise to see the seat covered in feminine lingerie. He also caught me coming out of the dressing room with several nightgowns in my hand. I tried to talk my way out of it but the cat was out of the bag. lol

You go girl! Gotta love Goodwill - just scored a beautiful wedding dress there myself - it makes me feel like a princess :)

Any pics?

I luv shopping thrift stores with my lady, and she doesn't mind me adding some XL bras or lingerie to the cart. Getting some excellent deals at Marshalls too.
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Wow! Amazing. I find I go out shopping and will get distracted and purchase only female clothing. But I never regret it. And I swear never to purge anymore. Happy cross dressing dear.

I'd love to be able to shop for panties at thrift stores, but my wife is a regular at most of them.

I only buy new panties, but any other lingerie is fare game!!! But your wife puts a damper on things ya , she doesn't know? Where do you shop then or do you?

i am an internet shopper mostly. i occassionaly hit a walmart or target. when i can i shop at one of our adult super stores. My wife doesn't pay much attention what i wear, as i have been wearing nylon mens bikinis for decades, and she does my laundry. but she doesnt see the lacey or frilly stuff.

That's a bummer - a few years ago I discovered that one of my wife's friends had taken over as manager of the local Goodwill :( The only good thing about that is it did save me a whole bunch of money until she moved on and it was safe to shop there again!


So is my wife. That reminds me of a funny story. I went shopping at Goodwill one day and it just happened to be one of the days I went dressed in women's clothes. I was just wearing a pair of black slacks and a blouse that could pass as a mans shirt if you didn't look too close. I was also wearing black nylons and a pair of women's flats. If you looked close at me you would also see my bra straps under the blouse.
I love dressing like this because it makes me feel feminine yet doesn't draw too much attention and only attention from someone who is watching me pick threw the lingerie rack and then it would be obvious I was wearing women's clothes and of course shopping for myself.
That being said, I was walking threw the Goodwill parking lot about to go into the store and the next thing I hear is someone calling my name. I turned and was shocked to see my wife and my daughter across the parking lot. They were not close enough to see what I was wearing and I had to pretend I didn't hear her and turned and got back in my car and left.
My wife knows all about my crossdressing and why I was there but doesn't know I go shopping while wearing women's clothes and my daughter knows nothing about it.

Wow, that was a close call. Did they ask you about it later?

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I love too

can't wait to see the see through top ! :-)

Which Cato?

This time was littlecreeck rd. Norfolk but we shop several of them.there are 3 or 4 in the area.

WOW, fantastic!

You are a lucky person

I like to think so too. Have fun!!!!