Ladies, I Need Your Feedback

It is fairly obvious what many men like when it comes to sexy lingerie for women. What I need help with is trying to decide what to get for my husband along the same lines.

I want to get him something sexy he can wear, but don't really know what is there or we're to get it. What do you ladies like to see your men in? Update: I should clarify that I am not talking about dressing him in woman's clothes, but I am asking about men's outfits.
Boredmormonwife Boredmormonwife
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4 Responses Jan 18, 2013

so close your eyes and think of him... what comes image comes to mind? use your imagination to "dress" him. Most women like a shirtless man, maybe in his boxers, or long pajama really is about what you find sexy since you're the one that will be looking. and he'll enjoy knowing that whatever outfit you choose will be a big turnon for you. and then a gain, maybe a robe to wear around the house with nothing underneath.... use you imagaination.

That's my problem. Don't have an imagination to use.

message me and i'll help expand your imagination

It needs to be sheer something that will show a little but what gets men off is what goes on in there head their imagination makes them the horniest just being naked while hot is better if you leave some mystery. Try some fishnets or crotchless panties, something that might be out of your comfort zone but would drive a red blooded man wild.

erm.... if you dress to his desires... buy his somthing YOU lke

is he open to wearing lingerie?