Wearing Garter Belts and Panties - What Is Proper

I've been told that when a woman wears a garter belt and panties the panties go under the garter belt. In my youth, the panties went over the garter belt for 2 good reasons. Going to the bathroom she does not need to get half undressed just to go and 2nd - and most important, when playing the panties can be removed and the stockings/garter belt stay in place and we are not interrupted - not to mention the pleasure of seeing the garter belt and feeling the stocking rubbing on me.

 However looking at lingerie models the panties are shown under the garter belt.

 Please chime in as to which way you (ladies) wear them and which way y'all - men and women believe is correct and the best way to wear them!


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I have been wearing garter belts for about 5 years. I started when I was in a wedding and all the girls were given bras and panties and matching garter belts to wear. A week later I put it on again to wear to work. Since then I have worn a garter belt just about all the time with dresses and skirts and I always wear the panties or thong over especially for the reasons you say.

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I love the look of a woman in a garter belt and stockings with no panties. If panties must be worn they should be over the garters to get them off easily.

Suspender belt, stocking then knickers last is the way I wear mine and my wife wears them the same way and always has for the reasons you mentioned duane.

susy belt stockings then knickers on top allways xxxj

Geez, once again... A topic mostly co-opted by the EP crossdressing contingent! Guys, poster said "I've been told that when a WOMAN wears a garter belt and panties the panties go under the garter belt." and then he asked a question specifically: "Please chime in as to which way you (LADIES) wear them."<br />
<br />
Nothing personal against crossdressers, but why do you all feel you have to jump in so often to topics where its obvious the poster was talking about WOMEN wearing WOMEN'S clothes???

Definitely over not under for all the excellent reasons of fun and practicality.I'm61 y.o. and have always enjoyed a woman /women in good lingerie, stockings and garter belt-for both our enjoyments.

My wife solved this age old dilemma by purchasing side-tie thongs. Very brilliant!

It all depends on what my wife has in mind for me the night I'm wearing them.<br />
I do like the way they look under the belts much sexier looking for sure!<br />
Also, sometimes I will even wear a pair of crotchless panties if I just want to be free so to speak!!

I wear them under because it seems more comfortable. :) I'll try over next time I do.

My 93 year old mom says always on the outside. That is how my mother also wore them and I have followed suit. I Belau whit also makes a lot more sense than under. Oops I soiled them.

I am a man and i wear bras panties and short skirts around the house i love it it gets me in the mood to use my fleshlight it is great i am divorced and have not had a woman in over a year, i am kind of old and ugly that is why i am without a woman to all you guys that are like me get a FLESHLIGHT they feel better than a woman and you could *** when you want and not put up with a womans bullshit and divorce ideas because you will get divorced sooner or later you can count on it

I realize there are a million answers to this question already but I am going to add my two cents. I would agree with most here that almost always your panties should be over your garters simply for ease of going to the rest room. <br />
In contrast, I would have to say that they look better under the garters. So if you are at a lingerie party or plan on running around in them while you have an audience, then I would say to wear them under for sex appeal. And to just take it a little further, I am not a fan of tiny panties with your garters. Small and sexy is fine but the micro and barely there just doesn't work for me. <br />
All in all, wear the garters.... so damn sexy.

now i have worn crotchless panties under my garterbelt with panties on the outside so when i was ready for action all i had to do is slip my panties off and what i had on under always turns him on.

Hello,<br />
I am a man and i love to wear nylon panties and bras i am size 10 in panties and 46 in bra i love the feel of panties and bras on me


Im 58 and a man i love wearing womens panties and nylons and garter belts it just does something for me i love it i love the feel on my pee pee i often ******* when i have these on is that wrong

Thanks for the female view sissyribbons! That is great to hear. Just think how much fun a guy can have removing the panties with his lips! It would be tough if they were under!!! xoxoxoxo

That is what though . If U R going out 4 action , over 4 quick removal . + Being a man pulling them aside some times hurts the side of your tool . Thank U sissyribbons

It really depends on my mood. If I am just going out to shop or run around then under. If I am clubbing and never know when I may need to remove my panties for a little fun then over...hehe

I would like 2 know my self . I often wondered !!!!