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Today I found a really great book about history of lingerie from my favourite bookstore. "1000 Dessous. A Histry of Lingerie" by Gilles Neret. Wow! Over 570 pages of feminine stuff from 5000 years ago until nowadays. Hundreds of illustrations and photos. Because I am a fan of vintage lingerie, this book is a real inspiraton.
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I like my presents wrapped !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The best highlights from our klotz title 1000 Dessous have been culled together for a delightful summary of the evolution of undergarments from the dawn of civilization to the current day. This diverse selection of bras, corsets, garters, stockings, and panties is proof that wearing just a little something can be more sexy than wearing nothing at all. <br />
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Great. I have the book now. And my husband bought also another one: "Dian Hanson's: The History Of Girly Magazines", that one is mostly about old PinUp magazines (670 pgs). Also hundreds of illustrations.

B sure 2 report back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sounds very interesting.