I love to shop for beautiful lingerie.

I would love to buy more expensive lingerie.

I love to wear this, and it find the catalogue of DIM very attractive.
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Try www.knickersforher.com they have a wide range of lingerie varying from cheap to not so cheap, worth a look

Lovely expensive lingerie is always wonderful to wear.

Lingerie shopping is one of the best things in my life.

I would be so honored, if you would consider adding me to your circle of friends!! Something about this experience "caught my eye"; therefore, I enjoyed the read. I then went to your profile & read another. After reading that one, I was compelled to find out about the tragic event in your life. (I am TRULY SORRY that you had to suffer that!! Karma will find him one day & he will suffer tenfold what he did!!). Upon reading more about you life, I have become enthralled!! I am AMAZED by your strength!!

Oftentimes, I come across a young person's profile who has posted NUMEROUS experiences in the span of a week. And quite frequently these "experiences" are some inane drivel like: "How does my hair look?? I hate smelly socks!! My cat is my best friend!! I think ---- is talking about me behind my back!!" Anyway, some trivial crap!!?

HOWEVER, your writings are SO poignant, thought-provoking, sometimes tragic, & spell-binding!! You seem to live such a "full life"!!? Yes, you've experienced some tragic events, but how you've survived & since "blossomed" is simply spell-binding!! Please consider adding me?!? THANKS!!

you look very lovely ;) you would be beautiful in anything you wear or not wear ;)