Where to Get Lingerie?

I've noticed more and more that 'good' (by my standards) lingerie is harder and harder to find...especially for women who have curves (like my wife).

I want to surprise her and buy her several items at once ... but I have no idea where to find good stuff...most of it seems to be for women with Size C-ish maybe D. My wife is a around a size 12 with a 40-D....

I would appreciate any suggestions of which stores or online locations to check out!!!!

If I'm lucky - she'll let me take pictures


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6 Responses Mar 20, 2009

I appreciate it! Have you happened to have purchased from any of them?

I ended up going with Lingeriediva.com - Good stuff at decent prices!!! If I can get pics I'll post some! :-)

Here are a few sites from Google. <br />
1. www.angeliquelingerie.com/<br />
2. www.aboutcurves.com<br />
3. www.dressuplingerie.com<br />
4. www.fantasiawear.com<br />
5. albany-newyork.olx.com<br />
<br />
Here is the google search url:<br />

Google would be my first bet. I will look for you. Is there any type of lingerie you are looking for?

I will B waiting 4 the pictures !!!!!!!!!!!