I Have A Room Full

Every time I go out I buy lengerie. My mom says I'm obsessed and need help.

I say the only help I need is for someone to carry it then tell me how it looks on lol

hotjen hotjen
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14 Responses Oct 22, 2009

You can't have enough panties, night gowns, lingerie, etc. I have the same problem, I bought 3 pr. of panties today, love the silky feel of them.

That's hard to say. I only have what I think is sexy underwear except 4 pairs of comfy big knickers lol

Hobby or obsession

Sounds to me like you have a great hobby.

It's a tough job...but I'm willing to give it a go! lol

well u could send me some pic i will judge it for u

well u could send me some pic i will judge it for u

Mainly for myself but like to show lol.<br />
I dont think I'll be putting anymore pics up in the near future

If you love classy lingerie / underwear, affordable, from europe and high quality check out www.seans.us. I love their stuff!

nadiapink is absolutely right

This is an addiction I was more women had. ...

I have an undying love for sexy lingerie and have more than I will ever need.

I love when a girl loves lingerie. I think a little sexy lingerie is sexier than nothing at all. If you need someone to tell you how good you look in it, I'd volunteer!

absolutely! x