Wearing Beautiful Lingerie...

...makes me feel so sexy and naughty!

BoredJudi BoredJudi
26-30, F
22 Responses Mar 10, 2010

I wish I had a posterhead poster of you in your lingerie. www.posterhead.com

Feeling sexy is half the battle. When you feel sexy it shows.

That's the way it should make you feel ;-)

I believe it makes everyone feel better. Lingerie just enhances what was perfect to start with.

you in sexy lingerie makes me fell naughty !

Fabulous Judi. And that is exactly how beautiful lingerie is supposed to make you feel Judi.

Your profile picture shows me that you wear hosiery. Do you have a favorite style?

hmmm I'm single and so horny right now...

Victoria Secret and La Senza are just a few to mention. Lingerie is always special to a beautifull woman. Makes her perk up as well as her partner

The touch and feel of sexy bras and panties always make me hard, would luv to see your pics ! :)

Judy with your passion for lingerie, I don't see how you'd every be bored. You must drive men crazy (or women, if you prefer).

judi u knuw ? i am crazy about beautiful panties,especially pink color u have any pink color ?

I love feminine women ... There is a huge difference between dressing feminine and dressing sexy ... although I find femininity sexy. I'd much rather see a pretty women in a pretty dress with stockings and heels, or a delicate white blouse ... revealing a hint of feminine lace underneath ... and a bit of feminine lace peeking from under her skirt. When women wear such feminine things they just act and appear more feminine. They are more attractive than shapely women in thong bikinis who bare almost everything... I enjoy seeing women in bikinis ... but it doesn't hold a candle to truely feminine women. <br />
I have had to take to watching Japanese videos on youtube, because the Japanese women and girls still embrace their girlish femininity in skirts and dresses with ruffles and lace ...

I'm a man and I love wearing beautiful lingerie too!!

judi - you look so lovely in your pic - would love to know what you're wearing underneath.<br />
would love to go to shop and try some articles on with you in a dressing room<br />
<br />
i love feminine lingerie even if no one knows i'm wearing it - makes it that much more naughty.

Ah well it's all down to seeing something sexy rather than something pornographic now, isn't it?

I'm happy just knowing that you like to wear lingerie. All is well with my world.

Having seen some of your photos, I must say it makes me feel very naughty looking at them, thanks for the add BoredJudi, anything you would like to see, I would be happy to comply!

You're right SA, they are all very keen for me or their wives to get our kit off aren't they!

well maybe I have already...

and I bet you look stunning in it ;-)

Seeing a beautiful woman wearing beautiful lingerie is always a pleasure to my senses. Keep enjoying doing it.