Michael Jackson

Some people judge him as weird, a *********...he had messy relationship with women, had a tragic family life...looking back, we might unearth the cause of his deviant behavior...He suffered from  a battered childhood,was molested and abused by his own father...Yet, he survived, became also a  father who loved his children while being the pop icon who serenaded us with his music. His voice and dance moves amazed the world until he died but he still lives through his songs and his moonwalk dance. He is a prince.


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I understood your sensitivity regarding the issue. Though he never did get away with it, not a chance. He's dead now and soon he'll be judge by the most Supreme Court above earth...that's an eternal damnation for any guilt and no man can ever ask for any plea or appeal for He will judge and punish anyone accordingly.

ohh good you're seeing a clear vision of tomorrow behind the foggy spectacle...am with you to your chosen happiness.<br />
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you made me really grin about your unending clamor of mj's deviant behavior. I can feel you detest him so much! (laughs)...I do too..but am also an artist at heart so I don't dwell on his evil side...everyone of us has dark secret and the media hype made his unlovable personality very much conspicuous...he's a beautiful person for me due to his artistic side and not about his lascivious character...we can define such persons by what we see them through our eyes and am glad to know your braveness showing how he deceived people with his improper decorum. well, I love his moonwalk dance, so as my kids...he can do it naturally...with that as an alibi, can you forgive me for being his fan? (wink and smiles)

I respect your opinion my friend...no worries about that...we may have different point of view but that's okay, I won't contradict you...I hate such kind of behavior he did possess but I like his songs and dance...(smiles)..and I'd been wondering about you as well..so how's life treating you lately?...I thought you left EP for good...good to know you're still around.