Inside And Out

I created this group not because am so vain about these beautiful and famous people but I see them not only through their physical form but I looked deeper into their personalities. I took careful scrutiny to their souls inside and out, how they survived every pain,each fall, what ounce of courage has remained after they stand tall against the adversaries that gave them so much grief and failure. Behind those beautiful faces and strong stature, stricken spirits were conspicuous. Their wealth, grandeur and fabulous life cannot hide anything. They maybe real big ones but they share the same definition of being human: being vulnerable,had a taste of the ugliest things in life aside from being tailed by media frenzy which made their lives more unbearable. I don't want to glorify any of them but in the simplest form, I love them because am an artist by heart, I adore not just their beautiful facade and the glitter that they carry but admire them for being human, sharing their passion and compassion. If I hit a sensitive nerve, I never mean it. Never intend to ridicule and hurt anybody. I just say what I have to say like talking to myself, speaking aloud what's on my mind.  If you like what I write, thanks a bunch. If you hate me for writing such topic, I care less though I appreciate your comments and would be glad to reply back to enlighten any misunderstanding. Thanks for reading.
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2 Responses Aug 10, 2010're truly a dear!

I know exactly what you mean in your story and the "beautiful people".<br />
You are one of those people.