Beautiful Souls I Admire

I noticed a lot of the stories in this group to date are about well-known/famous people. And I think its great that people are able to look past the outer appearances and see inner beauty in these people. There are even a few well known/famous people I admire, and the rest of them are likely not as bad as the media likes to portray - afterall they are just human beings too.

 However, there are many beautiful souls, who probably don't even know it, living in the world around us. I am not a social person at all, yet somehow I still seem to bump into these people (and I'm grateful I do). There are many people I know (or have known in the past) who I admire greatly. For example, when I first moved to the city where I currently live, around 5 years ago, a woman came up to me at church and invited me to come have dinner with her and her family. She'd never seen me before, had no idea who I was, but simply noticed I was new there and went out of her way to help me feel included and to be a friend. I didn't (and don't) have a car and while I can get around most places I need to go on foot or on the bus, she'll drive me places if I need it. Sometimes she'll leave baking on my doorstep. Just little things, but that nevertheless mean a lot. But what I admire the most about her, is not that she does things like that for me, but that she does things like that for heaps of people. Whenever she sees a new face at church (and probably at her work and other places too) she always goes and talks to them and makes them feel welcome. 

Another example is my step-mum. She and my dad got married when I was 7. They were only married for a couple of years, although after their divroce they remained friends and we'd often go to her house to play or for dinner etc. Also my dad was never very good with his money and for a long time he either couldn't afford a car or his car needed repairs that he couldn't afford. During those times she'd lend him her car so he could drive us the 45min drive to/from our mom's. It wasn't until just a couple of years ago, that one day when I was talking with my mom, she let it slip why my step-mum and dad had broken up. I was horrified when I found out. I'm not going to tell you the reason, its not important, but what my dad did was bad, and if I had been in my step-mum's position I don't think I would've been anywhere as nice to him after that as she was. So although it ended their marriage, I really admire her for being able to forgive him and still be a friend to both him and us kids as well. Just a few years ago she found out that her boyfriend at the time had a brain tumour and only months left to live. They were living in a remote area and he had to go to a city some distance away to get treatment. She came with him and looked after him until his death about 6 months later. Then she found out her first husband (my dad was her second) was ill and probably not going to live a lot longer, so she moved to the town we he lived and looked after him in his old age until he too passed away. She is just a really kind hearted woman.  

Others I know, I admire for their unwavering faith that no matter what challenges they are currently facing, everything will work out in the end and everything will be ok. Often when life is challenging, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel is something I find difficult, so I am in awe of those who can and don't give up, each day striving to get closer to the light at the other end. Others I know are just kind hearted people, who are fun to be with. Some of them I have only known a few years and at some point or other found out about things they had to endure or overcome prior to when I first met them. I admire those people for their perseverance, and their strength to make it through. That despite situations that had the potential to turn them into bitter, messed up people, they were able to emerge from the other side more beautiful than before - like a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis. We all have our story, and we all have that potential to let it us destroy us or shape us into beautiful people. I admire those who use their challenges to better themselves and become beautiful people. 

earthskysea earthskysea
Oct 31, 2010