Black Masters

I once served a black master,for three years,until his death in an accident. He was loving,yet could be severe in his punishments,using his whip and cane ,but I adored him
janehelen janehelen
51-55, F
2 Responses Dec 11, 2012

Sorry to read that your black Master died. I am sure he enjoyed owning and using you as his **** toy. You must have enjoyed being used by him very much. How did he use you sexually? Did he own other white women besides you? Are you married?

He was obviously an excellent master and it is such a great pity to learn of his sad passing. I suspect that his death had a significant impact on you. He would have undoubtedly left you with the memory of many unforgettable fulfilling and satisfying punishments.

Thank you for sharing that fascinating part of your life janehelen.

Cheers, Fontana