Answer This??

is a flower still beautiful without its petals??

is a woman still beautiful when operated on her breast due to cancer ?

is a man crying pathetic?

is a dark cloud covering the sun bad?

everything in life is beautiful in my eyes and i see it in the smallest object is it the same for you ?


AnaRosa AnaRosa
18-21, F
6 Responses Sep 1, 2008

a dark cloud covering the sun - no that's not bad. it could be foreboding something bad in a movie though. <br />
i think they are all beautiful :)


broken is definitely the right word for it.. I can't stop fantasizing about my own violent death in carnage.. I no longer desire to create this reality, but it just seems so beautiful to me that I can't stop thinking about it...

nope i weirdly see it as unique and beautiful , because evil is produced by something some one had then was broken .

I'm glad someone else feels the same way. I find beauty in evil.. is that wrong?

you got them all right =]