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Womanless beauty pageant

Part of me likes beauty pageants for the beautiful clothes and fashion the ladies wear, while another part dislikes them because of the competitiveness that is exhibited to go 'one better' than the next contestant.


i have found a different kind of Beauty Contest exciting. That is a Womanless Beauty Pageant.

Never heard of them? Well they happen. The contestants are average men dressing as women, not crossdressers or Drag Queens. Not for everybody i'm sure.

Womanless pageants are usually held as fund raisers for schools, civic organizations, charities, etc. They are purely amateur events. Sometimes females participate, too, dressing as males to escort the pageant contestants to and fro. And pretty much in the South, why i don't know.


One such event April 2009. (




Another. (


Another. (

Another. (


Would be fun for me, though not all. My biggest problem would be that i wouldn't want to take my closes off. Especially the gowns.

i hope you had fun reading this story.

Josie06 Josie06 56-60, F 5 Responses Apr 20, 2009

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I really like Womanless Beauty Pageants. It's really wonderful to see "civilian" men dressed as women. Of course, I prefer if they make an effort to look convincing. Just seeing a hairy guy jumping around in a caftan-like dress is NOT pretty.<br />
<br />
The website has a very nice archive of these pageants. I suggest everyone take a look.

I'm with you Jenny. They should and many do ... try. Luv and visit there often too.

I think that some of the guys look extremely good, would love to see one for myself

wish thy did this when I was at school what a dream come true

I think they are a great idea, but the guys taking part need to make an effort to be as convincing as possible to avoid it becoming a farce. Some of the guys above are excellent!

I hosted a Womanless Beauty Pageant last year as a fundraiser. I had 12 men, all who were willing to wear gowns, do a talent, and pretend to be women for the night. It was a HUGE sucess and we are already planning this years event. The key is to make sure everyone is laughing together, n one goes further than than are comfortable going, and that everyone wins in the end. We had three crowns, but everyone got to put and ad in the program and got a nice gift bag of donated items. Check out the photos at under the Fundraisers link.