For Me Accepting And Embracing My Bedwetting Was The Best Way Forward

I have wet the bed most of my life and eventually decided the best thing for me was just to accept I was always meant to be this way and once I had accepted this then why not enjoy it. I no longer feel any shame over my bedwetting and thoroughly enjoy everything that goes with it. I am seldom if ever dry at night now and couldn't be happier. As an adult who wet the bed more often than not I often felt shame and disgust at my self even though sleeping wet it's self never bothered me in fact I've always slept better when I'm wet. But a grown man shouldn't wet his bed let alone enjoy it. After accepting it and allowing my self to regress back to nightly wetting all the shame and feelings of disgust at my self just went away. Now I can honestly say I love being a bedwetter and have no plans to become dry at night again, not that I could.
Stillwetshisbed Stillwetshisbed
51-55, M
1 Response Jun 8, 2012

Acceptance of something you cant change is 90% of the way to happiness, good for you.

So true I have never regretted my decision to give up fighting my bedwetting and let nature take it's course.