Drip While We Sip.

My wife disapproves of pee-play, but I'm gradually getting her to accept that I'm a wetter. Other stories of mine tell how I also wet the bed, but the latest
craze is to pee while sitting in bed next to the wife!
I can do it only on the nights we take a night drink to bed, perhaps twice/week. I wear only PJ tops so as we sit up in bed I'll discreetly arrange the covers and set my ***** against my belly. My wife rambles on for ages so I take my time too, waiting patiently (I pee before getting into bed) for that magic urge-to-pee tingle. These tingles are a joy on their own, but eventually a little pee-pee trickles out and the very best bit begins, the exciting sensation of pee seeping and dripping down my crotch to the sheets.
I'm waiting for the wife to comment on the new pee stains on the under-sheet, instead of half way down the bed, they are near the pillow!
ImustGo ImustGo
56-60, M
Sep 24, 2012