From Embarisment To Pleasure.

Imagin my surprise, at my age, to wake up one morning in a wet bed! This didnt happen just once, it was 4 or 5 times in the next week. On advice from my family i went to see my doctor who prescribed some tablets for the problem telling me to return if they didnt work. They did, for a few days but i began to miss the warm 'naughty' feeling of waking up in a wet bed! My solution was simple, bought a plastic under sheet for my bed and stopped taking the tablets! The rest, as they say, is history. Its naughty, nice and gives me a great deal of pleasure, what more could a girl ask for?
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Ha ha! I did the same thing recently. The urologist gave me some pills to help control my wetting, and they did! So of course I quit taking them. I LOVE being incontinent!

Happy you shared this experience - i was a bedwetter as a youngster - and of course all of the reinforcement and shame from parents that went with it. Recently I too have had some bedwetting experiences - related to dreams or have just awoken with a warm pleasurable feeling of peeing. I do the same as you - if I am sleeping alone because its too embarrassing or difficult to share with anyone I have lived or slept with. Enjoy you naughty pleasures and I will too knowing that you are.

i can renumber my real rubber sheet it was pink & blue i have 2 older girls and i got the hand me downs i still wet my bed my self i do like the naughty nice do you wear diapers at all ?

Well being a bed wetter I would never go the doctors and tell him or her that I still wet the bed. I just make sure I have a plastic sheet on my mattress. I do not want my mattress wet.i enjoy my nappy fetish I get really hard when I have a nappy on and plastic pants . When have slept with a girl and wet the bed I wake up hard i like to make love in a wet bed.

I would LOVE to have wet diaper sex! Good for you!!!

I think yuo recieved a gift from your body !
Enjoy :-)

Just curious but what pills did the Doc prescribe you. My Doctor knows all about my bedwetting ( not that I enjoy it of course ) I have been refered to the continence nurse but have never been offered any pills, not that I would take them as I wouldn't want to be dry at night.

Not sure what they were called, my daughter might remember though, she wanted to find out if they would help my granddaughter, shes 7 and has bed wetting problems. Will ask her when we talk in the morning. Apparantly they slow down the bodys production of urine, so im told anyway.

I think I know the ones they give kids. I didn't realise they offered them to adults. I just thought they must be something new. When ever I go to the Doctors he usually asks if I am managing my enuresis and asks if I want to see the continence advisor. I don't really want anything to slow my production of urine down I love being wet at night.

There the ones, doc said that they give them to children too, never thought they dont usually give them to adults too, though i would take a guess that most adults dont go to the doctor with this 'problem', either through shame or because, like me, they enjoy it and dont want it stopped! At least my kids think its a medical thing so dont give me a hard time about it.

The first time I saw the doctor about my bedwetting during my teens was embarrasing but he was very matter of fact about it and just refered me to the continence nurse. I remember him telling my mother at the time if it didn't clear up I should see a specialist but I never did. My folks just accepted my bedwetting after that. I remember our district nurse saying when I was younger still that I would grow out of it. She didn't see it as a problem. It has always stated on my medical notes I'm enuretic and from time to time I see the continence nurse but because I say I am managing it they never push it further. I really wouldn't want to stop bedwetting now.

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My bed is wet in the morning more often than not. If you like it, then there is nothing wrong with it, and there is not need to take needles medications. Besides, some of us think that it is sexy.

Stay wet, stay happy.


Thanks, i intend to, regardless of what the family say, they still think i wee by accident!, lol. Was verry wet again this morning, i loved just lying there and enjoying the feel of my wet bed and pj's.

There is no reason for them to know anything different. I know what you mean about lying there, enjoying the feeling of the wetness.


I am a firm believer in what you say. Bedwetting never hurt anyone but some will just never understand why we enjoy it so much so better to let them believe you can't help it. Most of the time I do wet in my sleep in any case.

Still dont know the name of the tablets, bloody latin sucks!, lol.

I shouldn't worry like me you don't want or need them.

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So glad to hear you have found just what pleasure bedwetting can bring. Waking up wet is one of lifes simple pleasures. Those who have never experienced it don't know what they are missing.

In a way you are lucky.. I've been trying to unconsciously wet the bed at night for a while now and still can't.

I'm glad you like it now as well.


Trust me, you will get there, though wetting the bed when your awake has its own unique pleasures dont you think?

oh yes indeed.. I love to do so too..