My Like A Girl Story

Most of us T girls love being treated like a woman that we are. Rarely do we find a guy who meets our expectations. One day I was online chatting with a 25 year old guy. He had never been with a special girl and wanted to meet me. I had just been to the mall and purchased a nice pink lace bra and panties. I wore them under my black mini skirt and a pink blouse. I opened an extra button exposing the lace and cleavage. This bra really squeezed my boobage together between my breast forms.
Well when I met this guy he couldn't keep his eyes off my chest. He was a local farm boy who totally looked at me as a woman. He was nervous and polite. He called me Mam. He took me to a local motel and opened my car door. He put his arm around me as we walked, every once and a while grabbing my ***. Well when we got into the room. He immediately grabbed me close and started kissing me. He started feeling my *** under my skirt pulling at my garters and feeling the lace top stockings. He would slide his hand up my sides feeling my breasts. (just like I use to do to my girlfriends) He was dominating me and feeling me all over. I felt soo sexy and soo wanted. I could feel his hard **** pressing up against me. I slid down and unzipped his pants, out popped a large beautiful hard ****. It was a good 7.5 to 8" I started to please him. He was so excited and horny.
He stood up and took all his clothes off. His body was very muscular he obviously did hard work.
He came back to me and I continued to work on his **** on the bed. After a while I slowed down to catch my breath. He rolled me over and took off my skirt. He then slowly pulled down my pink panties. My boy **** was exposed and hard. He started to kiss and suck it. He worked me for a while then slid up and laid over me kissing my neck and boobs. I could feel his hard **** between my legs. Instinctively I raised my legs and he put his arms under and I could feel his **** trying to enter me. With some gel from my purse I had the pleasure of feeling that 8" tool
enter my *****. He began to slowly pump me. But as he got deeper and deeper he got faster and faster. I tried to take off my blouse but just got it unbuttoned exposing my pink lace bra. His eyes locked on my jiggling boobs. This just made him **** harder. He was pumping so fast my **** was bouncing wildly. I could feel my breasts jiggling too. It was soo exciting I had to try and hold back from *******. He had my arms pinned down and I wrapped my legs around him heels pointing up. I had so many sexy feelings, garters pulling, boobs jiggling, **** jiggling, I was totally in female mode.
AS he started to moan and *** I let go too. I shot my load all over myself. I TOTALLY FELT LIKE I WAS ****** LIKE A GIRL.
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Oh wow! You are so much like me! I go on dates with men just like a hetero man and woman dating and of course I am the woman. I am feminine, passive, submissive and a bottom. I live as a woman totally now 24/7. I love being treated as a woman. All the men I date do treat me exactly like I am a woman and that is in bed also. I am the woman during sex with a man and that is the only type of sex I have. I am a girl that does have sex on first date. Usually by the time I decide to date a guy I have also decided that I'm going to let him skru me and he will skru me like I'm a woman. I do give him head as foreplay and I suck him. The men I date already know what I am because I do not want to surprise him and have consequences. The men I date are looking for anal sex with a woman and they know with a woman like me they will get anal sex. I want it like he is taking a real woman, GG to bed.
I get ready for a date just like a woman does. But first I attach my female prosthesis; breast forms and pussie so I can shower as a woman. I sit at my vanity and apply my makeup. My nails are done and the same shade of red as my lipstick. I do my makeup much like any other woman; skin tone foundation, peach or rose colored blush on my cheeks bones, light blue eyeshadow, black eye liner, touch of mascara on my bottom lashes because I wear false eye lashes on top and of course my lipstick. I try to do my makeup and my dress like a real woman because I want my date thinking even though he knows what I am and where his tool is going to be inside me when he uses me as a woman. I dress sexy for him usually wearing a cocktail dress and I have a good selection of lil' black dresses. I wear ankle strap sandals with a 3 or 4 inch heel depending on how tall of a man I am dating. I do not want to be taller than him if possible.
I douche before I get dressed or sometimes will have on a garter belt, stockings and heels as I sit on the toilet to douche. I do not like messy, dirty or smelly skruing. I do my first douche with a woman's douche powder solution. Then I rinse out with plain water until it comes back out of me clear.
Under my dress will be either a garter belt or a combination waist cincher/corset with garters for my hose, and a panties and bra. I am a garters and hose girl.
One of the most exciting parts of the evening is when he is seducing me like a woman at the night club or bar where we are at he takes me to a motel. It is very exciting to me as my thoughts are of a woman being taken to a motel room to be skrued. I can't use the word on here that I am really thinking at the time or I might get all asterisks ******. But it is exciting sitting as a woman in the passenger seat of the car while my date is in the office getting us a room to take me to.
Yes many times I have been grabbed and held with his arms around me and we start passionately French kissing. His hands find my bottom and give it plenty of rubbing and fondling. He makes love to me like I'm a woman on the bed.
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Wow... great. I too want to play the fem role in bed and enjoy totally as a female during sexual act.

my dream!

Awesome loved this story! It sound so much like my recurring fanatasy! I sure hope it can happen to me someday!

wow, I am so there :)

What a sensationally sexy story. You lucky thing, you.

you lucky lucky gurl....
Hope you kept his number

Sounds great. Wish I was able to please a man like that. My little boobs couldn't bounce like that 😞

Honey he pleased me!

Wow! Gurl I wish that could have been me then we could have taken in eachothers femness as we excited eachother. I tried to add you as a friend and couldn't. You may want to add me if you want to you sexy gurl!!!!!