Its The Only Wayh I Know...

Is to be ****** like a girl, and indeed, it is the only way I am ****** now.
I've useually got female clothes on, for my man, if not outer clothes, then a bra and panties, sometimes stockings and garter/suspender too, or a baby doll and G-string.

I love him to dominate, and 'use' me, and he likes to do that too. He's always telling me that I'm a 'good girl', or a 'dirty *****', or 'a ****', and calling me 'girl', and sometimes 'sissy', too.
I just can't get enough of his ****; weather I'm on my knees, like a good sissy sucking it and letting him force it into my mouth as he wants, or, one position I rather like, which is me laying down, on my back, and he on top, his **** pointing down, towards, and then in to my mouth; He then ***** my mouth like that, as if it was a ****... He gets himself in all the way to the hilt like that, easily, and I can now take his eight inches, in my mouth, and of course I can take it in my **** too...

I love it when he start playing with my boy-****; sliding my panties or G--string asides, to get his fingers to my eager hole, sliding them in, opening me out, preparing me for his long hard ****...

Sometimes he takes me doggy style; I think this is nice, as he's able to penitrate me relaly deeply, and do long strokes; all the way out, then straight back into my **** all the way; that always gets me wet; Plus in this position he can grab my ****, with both hands, and play with them as they bounce about from his expendature pounding my ****.

Also in this position, he can grab my hair, use it to pull himself onto me, to use me forceable and violently, I deserve only what i get, and need to be treated roughly, as I'm a sissy *****.

Another position I like, is me on my back; and my legs raised up, to expose my ****; thne then he comes at me from in front, and penitrates my ****; though I don't think from the angle like this he can get quite so deeply into me, or get as quite a hard pace and forcefullness going on his ******* action.

It is nice though, I can look into his eyes; he can look down at my tiny ****-****, as it leaks precum, and eventually spurts over my tummy, and of course he can grab my **** easily, or spit onto my face, and I can wrap my legs about him, and try to draw him, and his **** deeper into my stretched hole....

I get so hot when he's p pounding me, especially when he's calling me a girly *****, or sissy ****, or dirty ***** etc... treating me rough and treating me lik a girl, albeit a **** girl..
eusarian eusarian
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Exactly; I love it when he's making love to my *****, especially if we're in a position where we can look into each others eyes, and he can see my clitty; and then I'll start oozing pre-*** and ***, from my soft, little clitty, because he's hitting all my sweet spots inside my *****, and I feel so girly; not '*******' like a 'man' would, but just as a woman does... Often he, or I, will collect up the *** and precum I've made from my clitty, and feed it to me... I love it when he makes me do slutty things like that... Its just so good when our men make us feel like the real girls we are..

thanks for your comment on one of my stories. you are so right just being a girl in the relationship is wonderful to feel all the emotions that a girl feels when being held, loved and having our ******* played with. looking into his eyes as he ***** you. on our stomach if that is what he wants. On all 4's, it all feels the same if he is being loving in the process

being told that your a girl or a sissy and therefore on the receiving end of a nice hard **** while our tiny sissy clitties stay soft and seep pre *** just like a girls ***** secreats her moist fluids.

when my clittie is tucked in my panties as he holds me and caresses me tweeks my nipples etc. my sissy clittie leaks into them and he can use it for lube like a girls can. I just love being the feminine girl in our relationship

Oh, Don't get me wrong; My man, my 'Daddy', treats me so gently, so tenderly, and so lovingly, too; he, sitting on my knee, my arms wrapped about him, he playing with my hair, stroking my back, or hair, or breasts, but sometimes, well, quite often, as we both enjoy/need it, he treats me as his sissy ****, and all that goes with it, hard, rough, almost (and actually) vilent sex, but at other times, slow, passionate, love-making, wher eI am his little girl, with 'Daddy' making 'love' to me... But, at other times, Daddy wants me forceabley, and he tortures my ****, spanks me, uses the cane on me, if I've been 'naughty', and, well, there isn't any sense saying one is better than the other; both are part of our relationship, and both aspects is what makes it fundimentally so* good, and so 'right'...

eusarian, we sissies all have our different needs and ways of getting them fulfilled. as long as yu feel safe with him that is all that matters

hugs, sissiegirl

Exactly. And, something else which occurs to me, is that it is very hard to try and put into words, aspects of 'how a relationship works', for any given couple (or group). The dynamics are always so individual, and differnt, hence one persons idea of hardcore BDSM, or 'light' BDSM is going to be meaningless, to another person, as their experiences, and 'use' of things, is going to be so differnt; I think* I'm being treated rough, in certain ways (and all in ways I love), yet, to someone else it would probably seem way over the top, and a third person would find it all too low a level of disaplin/submissiveness etc... In, actually, a very simular way to how I cannot explain the way and ways in which I love him... but I know I just do... the way he makes me feel, just touching me, holding me, kissing me, through to when he's torturing my nipples/breasts, ******* me violently/hard, or indeed, punishing me with a cane.. in a strange ways, they are all just differnt aspects of the underlaying important thing, which is our love for each other, and our caring for each other.. Sometimes we're more vanilla, other times, it is more the sub/dom and BDSM aspects, and often, its both at differnt times, in teh same day... Yet, we have a very* equal relationship, in other ways, the sub/dom aspects do tend to limit themselves to our private, and sexual times together... Probably would seem odd way round to some, given that I'm inches taller than he, and I'm a lot stronger physically/muscles etc... From the outside people would probably think the sub/dom thing was going to be opperating the opposite way round to how it does... heh... that makes it sound a whole deal more complicated than it is in reality, things 'just fall into place', afterall, its not like we sat down for hours and 'decided' on all this, he just naturally tends to the dom, and me, to the sub/sissy...