Be My Man

I will be your woman, your *****, your ***** , I seek to please another guy... to me when a man
pleasures my *** with his penis, shoves it in and pulls it nearly out and then goes back in... over and over, when his balls slap me and my legs are on his strong shoulders and he pumps away, over and over... what a wonderful thing, to know his **** is thobing in side of me... his woman, his ****.
To submit and let him have his way, for him to look at me, another man under his contorl, who wants to be his girl, yes I want his cream shooting inside of me, I want him to do it hard, to get rough, to put me in my place, yes my place... a man *****, a sub, a woman with a ****.
I have done this since I was a teen, spreading my *** cheeks and being used, used by another male for his pleasure, that's what I am here for.
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56-60, M
2 Responses Jan 13, 2013

On my back in my gstring taking all of it in! It feels so good good! I'm a moaner so being in a thong or g string is so hot! When I stare at the **** going up in me in a tiny g string, I feel like a sex god!

think you need tied up then ******