...with All My Heart."

l am not an alcoholic, but the majority of German in my blood is what l've come to account for the genuine love l have. lt was Ben Franklin who said, "Beer is the only proof we need that God loves us, and wants us to be happy."

At first l didn't like the taste, but it wasn't long before l craved it. Now l don't enjoy wine or most of the time strong drink. l have to take that last part back...the irish side of me loves whiskey. Also at the beginning of our relationship l really didn't like anything but Michelob or Amberbach, but as long as it's not light beer anything tastes delicious to me now. Sam Adams is always a good decision. Theres this grocery store in town that has all these imported beers and beers from all over the country and they will let you create your own six-pack for $8.

Finally, beer compliments things in the most perfect of ways. Crawfish, pizza, Barbeque and almost any traditionally "american" food is made complete with a tall cool Budwieser. l don't mean to say American food has an exclusive claim to this fact. Beer is so wonderful l'm sure it goes well with anything.

l think l even saw a magazine cover once that mentioned a hairstylist using beer to wash a lady's hair with when she'd just cut it. she said something about the proteins being good for your hair.

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3 Responses May 28, 2007

Spent 3 years in Germany and that is where my love of beer truly began. Trick is now that I am back in the states....struggle to find beers even close to matching the ones i loved so while in Germany....grrrr


This Barley Pop's for you, my friend!!!