I Just Love Beer

I have been drinking beer ever since I was in high school with friends on the weekend . I can't stand liquor because it doesn't agree with my stomach. I dont' like to get drunk, see no point in getting wasted. It takes all the fun out of drinking. I have been married for 8 years and my wife still turns up her nose at me when I do. I don't let it get out of control, or drink everyday.  Some nights I drink two or three. It helps me relax and like the way it makes me feel . She ask me why do I drink at all if I only drink up to a six pack on the weekends. I don't know , she doesn't drink and comes from a family that doesn't and I do come from a family of alcoholics but she worries that I will turn up like my dad . he drinks up to nearly a case or more on the weekends but thats not including the weekdays . I told her if I was gonna be like him I would already be like him. I know how to handle it because I seen what my family has been through when he is drinking. It tore my parents apart and I'm not gonna let my girls see me like that. I just wish she could understand I drink for pleasure not addiction.

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I love beer too. It tastes so good. I like to try different kinds of beer - microbrews - Ales, Lagers, wheat beer, you name it.<br />
I don't like Budweiser, it gives me a headache. My husband doesn't mind when I drink beer. He likes Vodka and orange juice. I don't like liquors. <br />
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My father was an alcoholic too. He was what you'd call a "functional alcoholic" and he could be a nasty drunk sometimes too! <br />
I don't think having a few beers every now and then makes you an alcoholic. Everything in moderation. If anything I'm a foodaholic who likes to drink beer! :-)

I like beer too! I like an occasional mixed drink, but I still prefer beer! Lol<br />
A six pack on the weekends is nothing to worry about! That hardly makes you an alcoholic! <br />
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Your wife Never has a drink? Wow<br />
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Well, just because your father drinks a case in a weekend doesn't mean You can't enjoy an occasional beer or two or six!! Lol