Sweet Golden Nectar of the Gods

Beer is proof that someone up there loves us and wants us to be happy.

I love beer.


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9 Responses Feb 17, 2009

that was beautiful, almost brought me to tears. Beer good.

Me too....

Just keep that dam Jagermeister away from me YUCK. It tastes like sh*t and makes me sick for a week.

That's all I drink... pretty much. I hit the hard stuff every now and then...

IHi Jinda! I like lots of different beers, I drink weak, americanized "whiz-water" beer sometimes, and other times I like dark beers like a nice nut brown ale, or a bock... and a stout now and then can be very nice. <br />
Cheers back at ya! [_]D

i love beer too...what sort do you drink....here in aussieland......we drink tooheys or VB mainly...not fosters like our tourism portrays...no-one drinks fosters<br />

LOL - you're a bit younger than my mother would be right now singer :) <br />
Want to adopt me??

You sound like my daughter.....Or are you my daughter????

With out a doubt!!!