Bubbles Make Me Laugh!

I am a good irish woman ( a little full figured to boot), and I love the taste of beer! It tastes so good on a hot day, and it's a toe warmer on a cold day! Beer goes with everything! It goes with football, it goes with hamburgers or pizza, and it goes with good times with friends! Beer is fun when I'm cooking or doing laundry! I get a little buzz and then I'm good all evening. I don't like liquor, it's much too strong, beer is perfect! And there are so many brands to choose from! :O)

dbeauty dbeauty
46-50, F
2 Responses Feb 17, 2010

Well folks, I did love dark ale, such as Yienling, but mostly drank Natural light to curb calories. I'm no longer drinking! Yup it's true. It turns out that I had a problem with it, and I also generated health problems. I'm fine now. I've been sober for 1 year. I have lost almost 50lbs too! I'm smiling even bigger now!! :OD <br />
It was fun, but turns out for me, not drinking is much better. Thanks for reading my story!!

Like ur story, attitude and smile.....: ) keep it up!