It's Not A Burger Without Beetroot!

In Australia and New Zealand, we make burgers to die for. You take your hamburger bun and toast it. Spread some butter on, and then load it up with the rest. The "rest" means the meat patty, sauce of your choosing, sliced tomato, lettuce, cheese, bacon, a fried egg, barbecued onions, a slice of pineapple, and to set it all off, pickled beetroot. The beetroot makes the burger! It's not a burger unless it has beetroot. Delicious!! :-)

To eat it, you squish it down until it's a manageable size, hold it in both hands, and dig in. You have to get a little bit of everything in your mouth at once to truly appreciate the magnificence of an Aussie (or Kiwi) burger. Keep hanging onto it lest something falls out. Top it off with a beer, and you're a happy camper. :-D
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Jan 6, 2013