Love Giving Pleasure

I have gone through several different phases of sexuality depending mostly on what is going on with the rest of my life. But I now really prefer being a bottom so that I can give great pleasure to men. My first experience where I really acted in the bottom capacity was with a black man on a train. I went into the dining car and there were no seats alone so I sat with this black man and a white lady. He was very nice and a huge guy. He began rubbing my leg and this has always turned me on so I was quickly horny. Before this I would allow the man to fondle my **** and suck it or jack it off and that is sot of what I thought would happen. The white woman made the whole adventure very interesting since she had a wedding ring on and I did not think she was married to James, the black guy. When we had finished eating, he invited me to go with them back to his room. that was when I realized that Joan, the white lady was somehow involved but wasn't sure how. I also knew by then that James and I were going to do something sexual together but wasn't sure exactly what. I was really horny from his rubbing which had reached my penis before leaving the dining car. So naturally I went with them. We entered the room and he quickly told me to take his **** out and suck it. No subtleties no more foreplay no concern about Joan and no doubt. I was going to suck his **** right then. WOW. never had anyone make control me like that but I did exactly what he told me to do. His **** was huge and very hard and I loved it. I watched Joan while I was sucking his **** and James had his hands under her dress and was kissing her. It was also obvious to me that he had picked her up as well as picking me up. In just a few minutes, James was ******* in my mouth and I was swallowing fast. I cleaned him good while he was removing Joan's clothes. He then removed his pants as I became a pure observer. He laid Joan on the bed and started ******* her hard. she was loving it and I was loving watching. He ****** her for a good 30 minutes while she was constantly ******* and moaning. He finally came in her and had me clean him and her. I then also ****** Joan who was a very good looking woman. We switched around several times while we were on the train before I had to leave when it reached San Diego, That was a great trip.
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Great story BI , you made a lot of us horny. I never got any so easy. I had to go to a gay bar and that was way back when all stds werent around. I am a cd and cant find anybody anymore. Dampbottom