Midnight Encounter

I was coming home from the city and stopped at a rest area for a smoke.It was after midnight and the area was kinda empty. No long after I parked a small mini van pulled up along side of me and thei black guy got out looked my way for a while then came over and asked me if I had a smoke to give him. I did and we started chatting about this and that.Anyway he asked me to join him in his van and I did.
We git in the back of it and he pushed me to the floor of the van and started to take my pants off not down but off.
I just laid there loving every minute of it. He turned me over and ate out my ******* while grabbing my **** from behind.
Finally he rolled me over on my back grabbed my legs and elevated them as far as they could go then plunged his swollen **** into my ***.I was absolutely amazed as to how easily his large **** entered me so quickly and without pain or lube.
He pumped me for what seemed like an hour and finally pulled out and shot his load all over my chest and face .With that I took his **** and sucked whatever *** he had left.
I saw him about four more times but at his apartment.
After he left I went into the restroom and jerked of all over the toilet seat iwas so ******* horney.
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Love it honey !!! What a slutty little *****..... Just like me :) :) :)