Bottom Is Fine With Me

for me, I think to be on the bottom and be taken by some one raming his **** into my *** hole,makes me become submissive, he can do what ever he wants with my ***, i will still stick my *** as far as I can in the air to receive what he gives me, pound me hard (master?) go ahead drop your load into my *** or violently flip me over on to my back & , showing me that you are still in command &, at your command, my legs will spread while you thrust into me again & again with your ****, you will let me know where you want to deposit your essence,so many options, my back,deep inside my ***, my belly, or he may grab my head forcing it up high enough to take his shot,his **** being forced into my mouth, his butt cheeks sliding up my chest, my nipples getting hard feeling his butt cheeks with his **** so close to my mouth where instinctively I suck whatever essense he gives to me, I will wait passively until I am needed again.and you know what? I dont need to know the guy for any of this! But I will remain available
iamasissyboy iamasissyboy
61-65, M
2 Responses Jul 10, 2012

me too, i dont care who he is just bend me over and **** me like the little ***** that i am

all right. me too ain't it so good +