All Holes Filled!!

I had an amazing experience 6 months ago when i pulled a guy and went back to his for a good *******!! but as we got closer to his flat he told me there were more guys at his home and he asked me if i'd be up for some group sex, i thought he meant like another 2 guys so i said yeh tht would be cool!!! when we got back to his place he told me to go into the bedroom and undress  before coming into the main room so i did, but when i opened up the door to my shock there were about 8 guys all stroking themselves waiting for me!!!! i felt so horny!! i'd never done anything quite like this before but being there in the situation made my little p u s s y sooo wet!!  i was a very good girl and i s u c k e d and ******* e d all of them one by one, they filled my p u s s y and my a s s with so much hot sticky we c u m!!!!! ooooh!! i still love thinking about that night!!!!!!!
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26-30, F
6 Responses Sep 11, 2010

You were able to experience something so many other women miss. The sheer extacy of using many c-ocks purely for your own selfish pleasure. Now that you know how much you liked it, it's time to plan anpther such group f-uck, only this time use at least a dozen military men. Babs says they are clean, young, and horney, and she uses the entire weekend trying to f-uck and s-uck them dry. Nearly 60 hours of non<x>stop action, she loves using all those stiff c-ocks for her own satisfaction.

WOW! You are such a free spirit and such a goood ****! Sex is so wonderful! You were the lucky one not the 8.<br />
Good for you!

You just got me really hard... Add me please

I'll bet you were shocked to see so many but you kept your cool and went for it. Very cool. Loved your story. Go for the gusto! Thanks Bustacap

This sounds like my kind of fun!!!! Kisses Mrs Sexylegs

What a gorgeous outcome to your otherwise-intended normal sort of date. Good that you found the **** within with that man's kind help. Do you now do more group servicing, or will that have been the one time. I love being used. It's all I know. It's the best way to give me the deepest amount of pleasure. Enjoyed reading:)