Such A Turn On !

Crossdressing has gradually taken on more meaning in my life.

Having just visited my home town for the first time in a couple of years, I had a few comments that I looked younger than ever. - Made me feel real good!

I am sure a lot of this was due to my crossdressing at home all the time, and outside, at least a bit of lipstick and panties under my androgynous clothing that I have bought over the years.

Why do we 'olds' have this lovely horny feeling seeing ourselves in the mirror fully made up, heels and swirly little dresses?

If only I had someone to share the joys.

Love to all
Moddle Moddle
70+, M
2 Responses Jan 7, 2013

yes moddle we are older not dead need to feel that rush and the belief we are beautiful

Yeah, Lana(l)
All my life I seem to be outside the crowd,
_doesn't seem to be getting less!
That's why EP is so nice