My Life Is Great As Mr.mum

My wife and I were never going to have kids. More her decision than mine, she has always been a very driven career woman. As for me, well I accepted her decision, although as I got older I worried that I was missing out on something wonderful.

In 2006 my wife accepted a 12 month position working overseas, while I stayed at home trying to establish a business of my own.

Being that she was going to be away so long she decided to go off the pill, and when we visited each other every few months would rely on condoms. Anyway, she came home for Christmas, and one night we had unprotected sex. What are the chances? We thought, we`d been together nearly 20 years by this stage and never gave it another thought. 8 weeks later my wife was on a plane home, pregnant at 40 and not too happy about it.

She had a good pregnancy, though I got hell for getting her in that state.

The birth of our little boy was the single most amazing experience of my life. I gazed into his little face as he opened his eyes for the first time and marvelled at the fact that his daddies head was the 1st out of focus image his little eyes tried to take in. I held his tiny hand, kissed his bloody forehead and lost myself in the the emotion and enormity of responsibility ahead.

As my wifes pregnancy progressed my business failed. I got another job that I enjoyed for a few months, until that business got sold and I got into a personality clash with the new owners. I then took another job, but 3 days into it I suffered a serious back injury. We freaked! What the hell were we to pay the bills with?

My son was 10 weeks old when I hurt my back, and it was about that time that my wife got a very good job offer. She was to be paid nearly twice what I would ever be able to earn. She could work from home, got a company car, got her fuel paid for, and her employer pays our phone bill and internet. Needless to say she accepted.

From then on I`ve been Mr.Mum. And I love it! It is such a privilige to watch our little man grow from being a helpless little baby, to being a super-independant, high energy toddler. My son is amazing! He is also my best friend, my shadow. We go everywhere together, everyday is full of laughter and adventure. I have learnt so much about myself through being a dad, and count my blessings daily that I get to share everything, everyday with him.

My wife will be the first to admit that I have more patience in dealing with a small child than she ever would, and is too focused on career to ever want to be a stay at home mum. We never considered putting our boy into day care, I mean what`s the point in having children and then shunting off to a carer all day?

Sure my wife gets jealous from time to time when she see`s how close the two men in her family are, but she knows that her son is being cared for by a loving gentle man, and that he is growing up to be a cheeking, affectionate, funny guy.

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41-45, M
Mar 25, 2009