I have been gaining the last 8 months and got fat it was really easy because we have a rule at home that you can eat what you want I always stayed healthy but my brothers and sister where always fat they sometimes said i was crazy because I was eating heathy food sometimes when I could just grab fat food. one day I was on youtube and saw a random belly play video I didn't want get fat yet but later after a month of watching BBW and fat kids doing belly plays I wanted to gain and get fat so badly that I started to eat fat food and stuffed my self sometimes. my brothers and sister are still fatter than me but i am getting fatter. I am really happy I choosed to be fat when I am bored I can play with my soft big belly and moobs and it is just amazing.
FattyMcSoftBelly FattyMcSoftBelly
70+, M
Aug 19, 2014