I Love My Baby Brother

I'm 9 years older than my 2-year-old brother and I love him so much. When I found out that my Mum and stepdad were going to have him, I just wanted them to get rid of him so much. I hated him, he was a little freaky alien thing about to come and invade my family. I was happy as I was with my Mum, my stepdad, and my brother.

    I'd cry for hours at night, I hated him so much. Eight and a half months of torture for me.

    But on the day he was born, when my Grandad took me and my brother to see him, I just melted. He was a tiny, beautiful baby, he hadn't asked to be born. He was just an innocent tiny person, my brother.

     And now we get on so well. He's got curly red hair, big browny-grey eyes and just the cheekiest grin ever. It just makes me think, "What did I do before he came along?"

    He gives me a hug when I get home from school and a kiss when I go up to bed. One of his first words was "Nat" (my name). He runs around like a little hooligan with me and my other brother, and he's so funny. He's brought a new light into our lives, and without him life wouldn't be the same. It would be boring.

   Everyone says I'm just like a little Mum to him. I carry him round, play with him, feed him, teach him new words....everything that my Mum does. I might only be 11, but I know how new mums feel.

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2 Responses Jan 7, 2007

I remember all the things I had to do. I was bottle feeding, changing, putting to sleep and burping around six years old to 13. I think it is different for a girl because what always went through my mind was how this kid is going to **** me off later, lol.

This was beatiful! I think any of us that have siblings younger than ourselves had those feelings of "hating" the arrival of the new baby. Or fear that our parents would love us a little less, or spend a little less time with us. But in the end, for the most part, "Baby" tends to win our heart too! You are lucky! Your baby brother is already looking up to you for attention, affection, and all. He will probably always look up to you for help, advise, fun, and learning. It's a big responsibility, but should make you feel needed and proud when he turns to YOU for these things! One day he may even come to you first before going to Mom and Dad!!