I'm Glad You Love Being a Father!!!

This was a very interesting story for me to read...about you loving to be a father.  I'm a mother who has been deeply moved and affected by the two human beings that chose me to come through unto life to be .  I was only eighteen when I got pregnant with my first (had my second at 21) but, even at such a young age, I ABSOLUTELY ADORED being a mother!!!  I fell madly and deeply in love with my babies and remember my son, at two weeks old...how I would just stare and stare and stare...in complete and perfect awe.  How could it be possible that a WHOLE NOTHER HUMAN BEING has been manifested into this universe, simply because two people loved each other???  How INCREDIBLE that this PERSON started out as a single cell!  And, OH MY GOSH!  I wonder what the're gonna BE like, when they get bigger!  When each of them started talking, I RELISHED the incorrect ways they would say words.  I'd sit them on my lap and tell them to say all kinds of long, crazy words, just so I could hear them try...and, we'd just GIGGLE!!! 

Like you, when I had my first, I realized (for the first time) how MUCH my mother must have loved me.  I was amazed to think that she prepared for my entrance into this world, the same way that I prepared for the arrival of my first born!  She MUST have had the same fears and anticipations...the same doubts and excitement and questions!  It made me feel so special to imagine that I could have been the object of someone's affection like that!

But, this is a typical mother story.... What I mean is, it's usually mothers that you hear tell this tale.  That's why it was SO enlightening for me to read a father telling the story!!!!  It especially meant a lot to me because I grew up without a father, as my children have.

My first-born is leaving for college in eight days...COLLEGE, MAN!!!  Yes, it honestly FEELS like only yesterday that I was helping him to take his first steps.  You need not worry about whether or not you're appreciating every glorious moment with your son!  What you've written here would not have been possible if you weren't already soaking it all up.  You just feel like it's never sufficient because you want every moment to last forever.  But that's the thing about being a parent....it's no less dichotomus than every other role we play!!

Making the two human beings that are my son and daughter is THE single most important thing I will EVER do in this lifetime!!!!

Thanks for sharing your story!!  WIsh my Daddy felt the same about me.

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You are right. Bringing new life into the world, caring for them and helping them on their way is the foundational work of the world. You are wise to understand that!