Big Daddy

I dont think that one could imagine knowing what being a father is like until the time your first child is born. You see dads with their kids all the time, in fact you see your own father, and know how much he loves you, but it does not really sink in until it happens to you. All of the planning, the hopes, the dreams, the worrying, the anticipation all goes away, at least temporarily when that child takes his first breath and enters the world.

For me, it was extra difficult because my wife was confined to bed rest for about three months (this means that she could not really move around much due to the fact that the little one might decide he wants to come out earlier than usual). To make things even more difficult was the fact that my wife and I spent two weeks in the hospital, praying that he would stay inside just a little bit longer, or at least until he was good and ready to come out.

Unfortunately, our little son entered this world a few weeks early, but by all means a healthy, screaming, kicking baby boy. What a relief! 

Now, after about 9 months, I wonder to myself how the time has just passed by, and whether I have enjoyed every moment of his baby life. After all, he will only be this small and cute for a short period of time.

And, sometimes I stop and wonder how I became a dad, and whether I really have a baby, or am I imagining this entire thing in some really long dream. Early in your life you wonder what it will be like to fall in love, get married, have kids, take on a mortgage, all of those things that seem too foreign when you are in college. And then it all hits you, and there you are, living life, experiencing things that you see people doing around you all of the time.

Let me tell you, its tough, but I would not trade it for anything in this world. To see the look in my son's eyes when I come home from work, is a gift. To see him struggle to crawl, bump his head, cry, smile, look at nature with those wide eyes, is all a blessing. I mean, if you really think about it, how perfect are babies, to go from a tiny little cell, which contains the blue prints from two people to 18 pound little monsters who scream when you take off their clothes to change their diapers.

I see parents around me all the time just getting by with their babies. I know that not everyone is in the same situation, but you can tell those that are truly enjoying their gift, versus those that are just dealing with it. I vow never to just deal with my baby boy.

I dont know if this story has gone off on a tangent or not, but I hope I have captured a little bit of what it means to me to be a first time father. I look at my own father now, and realize how much he loves me, what he has done for me, and I feel for those parents that stay up at night because their baby just does not want to seem to sleep. Sleep child!  But even if you dont, its okay, I look forward to going camping with you, and playing baseball, and seeing you go to school on your first day.  Check back with me thirteen years from now, however, to see how I feel about teenagers!

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That was a great story, coming into terms about being ready to be a father, there are guys and men who never come to those terms, it just happen, that is what I call be a MAN.....god bless you.....

How do men know they're ready to be a Dad? Women have the instinks to know when we are ready but how do men come to terms with it? How old were you when you decided it was time or did it just happen and you were ok?

This was great!

Being a father of 4....<br />
Ranging in age from 3 to 17 years old, the experience is the same. One of joy, fullfillment and wonder...<br />
As mothers give our children the gift of life, we as fathers, do the same.