Skyrim (360)

High Elf Zephyr - female, tall, busty & thick athletic - Battle Mage/Necromancer and Vampire ( evil, no give a **** attitude, clumsy)
And White Tiger Khajiit Renji - female, short, small and skinny athletic - sneaky brute ( cute, excited, graceful, sneaky kind, and werewolf)
They are mine and they are bestest.
Named generated from online sites. :)
MissCaraCarnageTheGamingGambit MissCaraCarnageTheGamingGambit
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3 Responses Aug 17, 2014

My two best characters are an Imperial female vampire and a female Nord(With lots of op melee weapons) ☺️

I keep telling you to come play on my computer and see the whole new world of Moded Skyrim...