An All Female Wardrobe And A Mouthful Every Morning

A quick post to update some happens in my life and relationship with Randy.

Since my last post I have gotten rid of all my male clothing. I know work from home and from morning to evening I dress like a woman. I have been working hard on my figure, and from my diet, exercise, and wearing a corset I have a very ladylike body. I take time to apply nail polish, shave my legs, and wear make-up each day.

I have an appointment next week for a physical, and if it goes well I will be scheduled for male breast enhancement surgery. The goal is for a C cup; of which Randy talks about all the time. One of his newest fantasies is for me to perform at a ***** club on amateur night after I have recovered from my procedure.

On top of all that, I would say the biggest change would be what Randy calls his medicine. While we still have a pretty active sex life, I can say that Randy is by far more horny than me. It is not uncommon some days for him to want to have sex two or even three times. About two weeks ago he woke me up before he left for work (he goes in very early on Mondays and Thursdays). Before I was fully awake his **** was in my mouth. He was standing on the side of our bed and he was pounding his manhood between my lips as he controlled me with his strong right hand on the back of head. After a few minutes he started breathing heavy and I knew he was about ready. He pulled my head slightly back and I opened my mouth. He pumped his **** as his load landed on my lips and tongue. After I swallowed he kissed me and went to work. We had sex that night (I wore his favorite red bra and thong) and I thought he fully satisfied.

The next morning Randy's work day started at the normal hour, and I got up to start getting ready and make his breakfast. After making his coffee I went to wake him up. To my surprise he quickly laid me out on the bed and just like the morning before he pushed his **** into my mouth. Holding me in place he pumped it in and out, pulling it out a couple of times and gently slapping my face with it before starting again. As he got ready to climax I swallowed his manhood and sucked hard to pull it all out.

Randy told me at breakfast that he often thinks about ******* me throughout the work day, and it can affect his focus. His solution was to **** my face in the morning, and my ***** (what he calls my ***) at night. I did not object, and for the last two weeks (save one morning) he has pounded my mouth before getting dressed, and leaves for work with a smile on his faith.
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36-40, M
Dec 12, 2012