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Of Course!!! And Boys Wish They Were Too!!!

What is there not to love?

My theory is the world is divided into females on one side...

And those "other" people who WISH they were female!!!  You know, the ones with...

Venus Envy!!!

It's true! 

We girls get to do all sorts of things that those poor non-girls don't get to do...

  • Grow breasts...

  • Do whatever the hell we want to do with our hair
  • Never worry about being able to Get It Up

  • Paint our nails... all 20!
  • Have beautiful legs

  • Wear thongs
  • Play with our own nipples
  • Have multiple *******

  • Have fabulous earrings
  • Tease boys unmercifully
  • Have babies
  • Wear Dresses

  • Use perfume
  • Wear Wedding Gowns!!!!
  • Cry
  • Kiss other girls

  • Have people give us jewelry
  • Dance with other girls
  • Wear makeup

  • Spend hours shopping for the absolutely right shoes
  • Truly understand chocolate
  • Go to the Ladies Room with friends
  • Wear lingerie

  • Appear to be geniuses if we know how many players are on a baseball team
  • Have different vibrators for different occasion

  • Like flowers
  • Totally OWN sex
  • Have an excuse to be irrational ever 4-weeks
  • Diddle ourselves discreetly

  • Get dinner bought for us
  • Don't need to make every f*cking thing a competition
SaratogaGirl SaratogaGirl 26-30, F 75 Responses Oct 31, 2008

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Thanks for sharing, my Lady. *curtsy* Though, I can never be a REAL girl, I can at least have fun doing some of the things on your list. lol

Ummm, I think SaratogaGirl is a goddess! LOL, DELIGHTFUL post, thank you infinitely for sharing!!!!! :-)

Pregnancy and that monthly menstrual cycle make me feel extremely fortunate that I am a 100% testosterone-filled male. Yes, I do understand women since I have been married to one for almost 40 years. There are many aspects of daily events that women just can't seem to understand. At least I don't feel compelled to waste time on eye shadow, finger nail polish or beauty salons.

Yes well the list of female advantage in this world is endless, I'm hoping you'll write part two :)

LMAO!! So very well put!!!

just came across this. brilliant. true in every respect. some pretty profound insights.

you make me so jealous

Oh honey, venus envy doesn't even cover the half of it!!!

Wow, okay.....hang on one sec while I finish scribbling my notes here....okay, done.
Awesome story! Thank you.

Yea its true...but females have their flaws.

You said it. that's perfect!! I wish I was one too.

Interesting statement, And I appreciate women a lot. But very content being a man, and I guess the only thing not right in my life is, that I have a few obstacles in my life that once cleared out, will allow me to find a good lady to share time and life with.

Those of us who do not see this when we look down at ourselves wish we did:

Awesome views!!!

You are oh so right, SaratogaGirl!<br />
<br />
I am one of them.<br />
<br />
But then I don't want to be a boy who wishes to be a girl. I want to be a girl who is ecstatic to be a girl!<br />
<br />
Many years ago a friend of mine was shopping for clothes for an important job interview she was about to have. She was slender, curvy (curves, not rolls, they are not the same thing!), and had a well developed chest that was proportional to the rest of her. She was having problems finding clothes that fit well. She told me to be happy I was not a chick because of that. A few years later I came out to her saying I actually wish I did have that problem, and whatever other problems women have, I'll take the good with the bad if it just means I could be the woman I always knew I was supposed to be if not for nature making a goof.<br />
<br />
Your list is wonderful and oh so true! Though you left out having nice wide curvy hips and round butt ;-)<br />
<br />
I have seen professional counselors who have determined yes, I am a transwoman. The only thing preventing me from transitioning is the lack of money. It is an expensive and all out of pocket journey.<br />
<br />
It's difficult to walk down the street, go shopping, or even see friends who remind me of what I should see in the mirror.<br />
<br />
Yes, I want breasts, and to play with my own nipples and drive myself nuts doing so. Kiss other girls and feel their breasts press into mine. Look down and see my own breasts instead of these home made forms, and feel their weight, bounce and jiggle as I walk down the street. Wear dresses outside of the house (I wear them in the house, and wearing them feels wonderful). Paint my nails and not have to remove the polish before I go any where out of the house. Not have this built in fur coat but instead have hairless, soft, silky skin.<br />
<br />
Not have a bulge in my pants, but a smooth crotch.<br />
<br />
I've worn a bridesmaid gown, and been told I look fabulous in it.<br />
<br />
I could go on.

Oh me too hon, me too! Well said.

Wow you are so right! I don't know how many women have told me over the years that I am so much a girl. I like your term "venus envy." One gf even joked that I am more like a lesbian, a lipstick lesbian. She is the same one who took me to a psychic as she was convinced I must have been a woman in a past life. The psychic described two lives I had as a woman. I was skeptical so I went to another recognized psychic and learned of other past lives as a woman. I guess all I can do in this life is emulate and wait for my next life. LOL

You made an excellent case!

Oh, do you have to rub it much I'm missing that is. I love your piece, well written (and illustrated).

I was raised as a girl since I was 8 but your amazing pictures still show me how much I am missing. I hope in my next life I get the chance to have it all.

So true! So good - makes me giggle and tingle.....*smiles*

Hello SaratogaGirl,<br />
I have to agree that you have the better side of the world. But at least I can do some of the things that you can... Never worry about getting it up (it seems to do this by itself even when it's not needed), wear thongs (it's practically the only underwear I have), cry (I wept like a baby at my father's funeral), kiss other girls (enough said), and yes... I even wear lingerie sometimes. But I must say, your choice of pictures are very captivating and remind me how I much I adore the female form.

You made my day : ) Well said .. XXOO Molly

Sign me UP!!!!!!! oh, yes all of the above!

You have captured the essence of Venus envy so well and I admit that is how I feel.

OK, you and multipleme have inspired me. I'm hoining and writing a story for this group... :) Sorry.<br />
<br />
I'm not too keen on makeup (although I like lipstick and some perfumes). I don't have pierced ears, so no ear rings, and I'm never having a baby. That's for sure! I, however, have experience all the other things you mentioned, and enjoyed them. Honestly, I think more men would benefit from just a wee experience here, but that's just my opinion.<br />
<br />
Also, without doubt, you girls rock!

I never wanted to be a girl and I absolutely love being a man -- but I think every girl on Earth should feel the way you do and I'm only attracted to women when they do.

Hi SaratogaGirl,<br />
As a man, I will say are absolutely right!<br />
Yes .... you own sex, yes,,,,,you tease us unmercifully...............and you know you can get us to our knees anytime you like.<br />
The truth is that all men at some time envy you girls and the sexual power that you wield over us. We wonder how it would feel to be able to dress up and have the opposite sex drool over us................<br />
Well enjoy being girls.............

Wow, what hot pictures, of course you are right; sadly I am well past the age of any of them.

So right

What a wonderful delightful post! I loved it. (Although my husband is happy that he is a boy and I am glad he is too because he gets to make love to me with his adorable penis.and I really enjoy that.) Nevertheless, I truly loved your photoessay and your witty remarks.

This posting is truly absolutely unequivically 100% no doubt in any women's mind CORRECT! <br />
I couldn't even if I wanted to say it better then how you did! Thank you!