Goof Ball....yep.

I love being a goofball and am proud of it.

i have fun...most of the time and I love to laugh.

If you have ever seen the movie physical then you will know what I am talking about.

One time my friend and I had to pick up my ex wife from work. I had talked him in to dressing up with me to embarass my wife. so we put on spandex, leg warmers, headbands and tank tops.

we had to wait in the lobby of the restaurant. we sat on the bench and decided we were going to hold newspapers in front of our faces where you can only see our eyes. Then when ever someone looked at use we held up the paper so you could not see our faces at all.

Ten minutes later the police showed up and escorted us off the property while laughing at our cool attire. He said that we scared the crap out of the hostess and she had called the police.

I got divorse papers a little after that. She did not like my goofyness too much....but that is ok...I am a goof ball and loving it.
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2 Responses Nov 19, 2011

Classic!! XD You seem to be more of a free spirit then me and I myself has been only recently opening myself up to this kind of a Goof Ball of me! There should be more people like you to make life more interesting :D haha

Hi there. It is not a problem. I can teach you some of my goofiness. If you live near me even better. But if you are not goofy, then dont be. You need to just be yourself. Do not bother trying to find out who you already know. It may be that you just want to be something different. That is fine, but sometimes it comes back to bite you in the butt. One of the ways I got around my issues was through Dejaying. I will talk to ya more about it, but not here. Talk to ya later brother.

Oh man! LOL....... how could anyone not love a goofball!<br />
You are too much friend :-) LOL