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Especially In The Holidays

Ok, so im a fat lazy slob most of the time but in the holidays i do nothing else. I'm usually not up till 1 in the afternoon as ive spent most of the morning snacking on junk food and coke and watching TV. When i do get up i just move to the sofa and carry on my normal rountine of eating and watching TV as my parents are away alot i get to fend for myself so i order takeaways for lunch and tea :) As its just me i dont bother wearning much clothes just a bra and panties but usually they get so tight i have to go naked, who cares it my house :)
chubbychik chubbychik 26-30, F 7 Responses Feb 17, 2012

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A beautiful growing girl like you should be nude 24/7! :-)

Have you considered getting a bedpan or a toilet chair so you don't waste precious calories waddling to the toilet? ;-)

Hehehe, fat and lazy is the way to be~

You are so right!

They get that tight huh?

Good job! I love being fat and lazy too!

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