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It seems being a conservitive independent is a dying art.  I am what I am and will stay true to myself.  I like to think of myself as the true meaning of what a lighting rod should be and is.

It is better stated to say that lightning rods provide a low-resistance path to ground that can be used to conduct the enormous electrical currents when lightning strikes occur. If lightning strikes, the system attempts to carry the harmful electrical current away from the structure and safely to ground. The system has the ability to handle the enormous electrical current associated with the strike. If the strike contacts a material that is not a good conductor, the material will suffer massive heat damage. The lightning-rod system is an excellent conductor and thus allows the current to flow to ground without causing any heat damage.

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Cannindale first stop arguing and ask. Ask a liberal to defend their position and watch the smoke poor from their ears.

Waste of time, all it gets you is a string of profanity and an assertion that all the evil in the worls is Bushes fault.

my value and beliefs are conservitive and my politics is an independent.<br />
<br />
conservitive independent.

Nice explanation of how a lightning rod works. -- If the past 8 years have taught us nothing else they must have taught us that the "free market" laissez faire attitude does not cure all ills - it must be counter-balanced with Government oversight. If left unchecked, greed will run rampant until at last the country eats its own young.

Conservative Independent........Does not compute......

you do not compute.