Obama's Press Award

So why was the white house press corp not allowed in while Obama accepted his award.  Let's look at who was giving it to him.


March 21, 2009

Why the White House barred press access to the press awards ceremony

Ethel C. Fenig
Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs explains why the White House barred the press from a press awards ceremony yesterday:

The National Newspaper Association, despite its innocuous name, is actually an association of far-left publications that includes “Final Call” — the paper published by Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam.

And that explains why Obama doesn’t want the mainstream press at this award ceremony. A reporter might get it in his head to act like a, you know, reporter and actually ask a meaningful question; such as why the President of the United States is accepting an award from an association that allows members who believe white people are devils and Jews are scum.

Perhaps he shouldn't have fretted so much.

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Mar 21, 2009