Never Knew It Would Happen

I have a little guy now he's 8 months old. I'm a new mom and everything I've experienced so far just makes me realize I have SO much to learn. But I like it. Since I became a mom my husband says I've really wised up on a lot of thing. Although I still need work.
It's been somewhat hard but as I say to most people wanting a baby on what it's like.
"It's the most life changing, joyous, stressful thing you will ever do in your life! But in the end it's all worth it."
Goodlittledevil Goodlittledevil
18-21, F
1 Response Jun 12, 2010

May I suggest you go to and check out the title "LOVING EVERY CHILD" by Janusz Korczak. Also check out the author's name on Wikipedia.