My kids are one of the best reasons why I stay strong and optimistic. We're inseparable and I was hands-on taking care of them since birth until we had to be separated three weeks ago. I don't see them on weekdays because I am back in the city for work after two years and they stay with my mom in the countryside. Friday night is the most awaited time for all of us because it's the time that I arrive home to be with them on weekends. My mother even told me that my 5-year old daughter is counting everytime she sleeps until she reaches the fourth night and would tell her grandma "tomorrow night mommy will come home !". That scene breaks my heart whenever I remember it . Dealing with separation anxiety is  really an ordeal for all of us.

Being with them makes me energetic because it's the most precious and happiest time of my life even if they wrestle with me everytime I am on bed. I don't have much time to rest but it's okay because I hear their mirthful laughter especially when they're on top of me and I'll be pinching the cheeks of their butts. The immeasurable happiness on their  laughing faces and innocent shrill of their mischievous voices  are a sight to behold. I never regretted being a mom. Love it, wonderful feeling!
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thanks shans and's really a sacrifice...I thought I cannot do it but I have to try so I can reconstruct my world which was tore down because of their father...I have to rebuild our home alone and give them a happy shelter where their innocence won't be defiled...<br />
<br />
as of now, it's been a month and we're surviving...I stopped working for 2 years and it's liberating to be on the corporate world again and they inspire me to make my career back on track.<br />
<br />
I believe that in every ounce of success we make, we have to sacrifice something because we cannot have it all in a single platter...<br />
<br />
so weekend is filled with precious moments for the three of's our priceless consolation.<br />
<br />
salute to all mothers like us!

I guess its a sacrifice many mothers nowadays have to give to provide our offsprings their needs...<br />
salute to the mothers just like you..

yes..I am..they are so energetic..we dance like crazy because their bodies are automatic..whenever they hear music, they can't help dancing to the beat and most of the time they want me to join them!