Being a Mom

I was told at a very young age that for me to have a child it may take some "work." As in, infertility issues. As I walked through life my dream of having a baby drizzled away with each step. At age 28, I married my best friend of 11 years. It was amazing to feel so totally in love with someone like that. (Still am!) We discussed children right away and both decided that really if we wanted one that it would be best to adopt. There were plenty of children out there who need good parents and homes. And that was it.

Within 2 months of that conversation.... I got pregnant and our whole outlook changed. My son is over a year old now and I couldn't imagine a day without him or either of them. It is the most wonderful, scary thing when you walk out of that hospital with something so precious in your arms. To this day, I still can't believe they just "let" me leave with him. We are now in the process of trying to make a sibling!

Funny how life can change in an instant....
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aww :)

You are very lucky to have a husband that wanted children too and it worked out. I did not want to be a father but was drafted into fatherhood at age 27. I have always cared deeply for my son and could not believe there was any way to cut those tiny finger nails. Cherish the time because they grow up fast. My problem with having even one child then getting a vasectomy so I would not go through that again lead to my divorce. I love my 26 year old son and am happily remarried.

I have 2 boys and 5 grand kids and loads of others that call me Mom or Granny lol It's the best part of life so enjoy

Aw good for you :-)

that a blessing for you. i know you are gratefull. have a blast in motherhod :-)

Having a child changes everything. Thats what happened to me. I have 4 kids, the eldest have 18 and I think, jeez, I have now an exension of myself in this world. And it's changes in an instant. I loved your story and good luck with your family.

I am confused when people tell me how much they want to bring another life into the world. If we could just focus on giving all that love and those resources to those who are already here instead of creating our own life, we could solve every major problem humanity is facing right now: Poverty, over population, and maybe even global warming.

Being a Mother IS so wonderful! I feel so much more complete with my children. They have taught me so many lessons. They have taught me what unconditional love really feels like.

Congrad’s, that is so amazing. I am obsessed with becoming a mother, I can’t wait for the day to bring my little one home, and I won’t be fulfilled with life until that moment.

congrats.! very happy for you!

hi patsy<br />
that was the most moving,you are a very lucky person,i hope you and hubby are very happy and your 1 year old son,loads of love bill.xx

hi patsy<br />
that was the most moving,you are a very lucky person,i hope you and hubby are very happy and your 1 year old son,loads of love bill.xx