Children Are Truly Amazing

My day started with my 13 month old son yelling, "Mama, mama, mama....!" Those have to be the most precious words ever! Every time I get discouraged about anything in life, I just have to watch or listen to one of my children to realize that there are much more important things to be totally thankful for that just almost completely erase the negative!

My sweet daughter is only three as of Feb. 26th, and she amazes me everyday. She can spell all her colors, write her entire uppercase and lowercase alphabet, write and count her numbers up to 20; sometimes I feel like I'm raising a little genius!!! She also wants to approve her daily wardrobe to tell me if it is "so PRINCESS" or "not princess!" :) I love waiting to hear her comment about her daily clothing ensemble.

My children are absolutely amazing. I know that everyone with children would agree with me, but being a parent is the most important job and most rewarding one that I could imagine.
DamagedOne DamagedOne
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1 Response Apr 12, 2012

i understand what you really mean, being mother of one 5 years old. :) God bless to all of u.